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Company Mission

Concrete is the most important material in the building markets worldwide. It is the base of our building branch.

For centuries people have been mixing water, aggregates and binders together to create this extraordinary material. Nowadays the basics are still the same, but everything else has changed. Today developments in concrete change the look of the whole world. With these improvements we are able to build taller, thinner, stronger, greater, more sustainable and most importantly more valuable.

In the age of globalization the demand on better building products is higher than ever before. Architects and contractors are operating globally and our consumers´ expectations are increasing daily. Our companies feel this pressure every day. We are always in the need of developing something greater and so are our biggest competitors.

Today we can buy every production equipment there is. For example, we are able to buy the fastest conveying systems or the most efficient mixers, the latest control software or the strongest presses. But these investments alone do not mean we can produce a single better paving stone, a single stronger concrete pipe or better looking precast concrete component. To become better it does not just need money, it needs the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

We believe in sharing and providing this knowledge and experience. Someone in the world has already made the mistakes and learned from them. Someone has already produced the perfect product or invented the necessary solution.

At KuhlmannGroup it is our goal to supply you with know-how to make your product better, your investments saver and your operation more successful.

Tim Kuhlmann

Managing Director


Our Services

At KuhlmannGroup it is all about concrete. And we are good at it. These are the areas we can assist you with:


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